Americans for Secure Retirement (ASR) brings together a broad-based coalition of more than 70 member and affiliate organizations committed to raising awareness of the increasing challenges Americans face in having a financially secure retirement. In particular, ASR advocates for greater attention around efforts that would ensure all Americans have access to guaranteed streams of retirement income that cannot be outlived.

ASR works with policymakers and opinion leaders to promote retirement policy that encourages guaranteed sources of retirement income. We support policy changes that help all Americans better manage their retirement savings, whether the source is personal savings or through employer plans. The common thread for the coalition is supporting vehicles and mechanisms that provide guaranteed lifetime payouts – retirement income that cannot be outlived. In particular, ASR often focuses on those Americans with little or no access to employer sponsored plans.

Our membership represents a diverse set of interests including women, minorities, rural Americans, consumer, taxpayers and agricultural workers, small business owners, and the life insurance industry. ASR leverages its unique composition and network of member organizations to educate and inform individuals, advocates, policymakers and elected officials.

ASR Coalition Members

ASR Affiliate Members

"With the looming financial pressures facing Social Security, individuals and policymakers must closely examine the private and public approaches to providing for a financially secure retirement." - R. Bruce Josten, Executive Vice President, Government Affairs, U.S. Chamber of Commerce